Fields of Interest Architecture



We are interested in eco, green, environmental, off-the-grid and sustainable design for small, medium and large-scale projects: from sustainable packaging to building design and city master-planning.


GreenTech Endeavors was born as an incubator for clean technologies that will help design the future net-zero cities where the inputs and the outputs are internally generated and managed.


To achieve carbon-neutral and self-sustaining urban centers, new materials will have to be developed for construction of energy efficient buildings. Such materials will have to be cost effective to generate a market driven eco-construction trend.

Heating & Cooling

More than 25% of primary energy consumption in the U.S. is used for heating and air-conditioning of buildings. Newly designed systems for new construction or smart retrofitting of existing structures can easily deliver 30% energy efficiency improvements, granting more than 15% savings in the electricity bills nationwide.